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Air Duct Cleaning

This is a picture of an air duct cleaning.

Air duct cleaning is not only crucial to your home’s interiors, but also to you and your family’s health. Air duct cleaning allows for dust and debris to be removed from the paneling filtration system that lies inside the walls of your home.

If left unkept, air ducts can easily begin to circulate dusty or contaminated air that can lead to respiratory problems or illness.


We’re accustomed to providing air duct cleaning services to residential homes, where needed.

Many clients contact us because they’ve noticed a change in their home’s air or believe that the filtration system surrounding the home is deteriorating. While sometimes the problem may require more than a simple cleaning, we’ve found that air duct cleanings can resolve most allergy and dust-related issues that circulate throughout the home.


The process of air duct cleaning is rather simple. We use industrial-grade vacuums that are intended to suction the excessive dust and particles from your air ducts.

Upon inspection, we sometimes find that there are also pests lingering in the debris of the air ducts. For smaller pests, we can easily remove them with cleaning agents and vacuums. However, with larger pests, such as mice or rats, they will often require more extermination procedures that we’re able to provide.


Not only is keeping your air ducts clean a major health benefit, but their cleanliness is also guaranteed to maintain the integrity of your home. If debris has the ability to buildup for an excessive amount of time, it can cause discoloration in the walls and can become home to a number of bacteria and pests that will likely linger in the dust.

Ridding the elements for these annoyances to fester in will keep the problem clear and your home free of unwanted pests. Along with this, you might also find that your furniture and flooring becomes less dirty or dusty, as the filtration system is no longer blowing dusty air back into the living spaces, which could mean less cleaning on your end!


We understand that sanitation is important to keeping you and your family healthy. Clearing your air ducts of all debris will ensure that this is accomplished. By cleaning the air ducts regularly, you can easily avoid illness and infection that is often brought about by dust, dirtied air, pests, and microbial growth. Once these elements have begun to harbor in the area of your ventilation, it will be difficult to reduce them throughout your home without cleaning the air ducts.

We’re appropriately trained in the most efficient ways to tackle such issues, but going to the source of the problem. We thoroughly clean and clear your air ducts to remove any potential threats to your health and sanitation by sanitizing the area to the best of our ability. If we find there has been a contamination that requires further actions such as remediation, we’ll advise you as soon as possible on the next steps required.

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