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Dryer Vent Cleaning

This is a picture of a dryer vent cleaning.

While dryers are intended to make our daily chores a bit easier, they do require some maintenance and cleaning themselves every once in a while. Dryer vents tend to accumulate dust and debris over time and can result in hazardous instances if not cleaned or treated appropriately.

Air Duct clean Tampa professionals are equipped with the appropriate tools to help extract and clean dust, debris, and buildup from dryer vents in your home.

Fire Safety

Perhaps the most crucial point of cleaning your dryer vents is to avoid potential fires. Dryer vents that have accumulated excessive residue and debris are prone to fire hazards and can easily catch fire if exposed to particular elements, more so than a dryer vent that’s been cleaned.

Your dryer vents should be cleaned depending on the frequency that you use your dryer. If you use your dryer daily, then you should anticipate more frequent cleanings, while those that only use it sparingly can increase the time in between their cleanings.


Not only does cleaning your dryer vent prevent potential fire hazards, but it also increases the longevity of your dryer. Your dryer is only able to work as well as you take care of it, so it’s important to keep its vents clean to ensure that it works in the best shape possible. Regular cleanings can add to your dryer’s shelf life and functionality and, thus, reduce the ultimate need to buy a new one anytime soon.

Debris Removal

During the cleaning process, the first thing we begin to do is remove excess dust and debris. This is done using one of our industrial vacuums that easily suctions the dust from the coils of the dryer’s vent. While most dust can easily be removed this way, we will often have to go in with further power washing tools to remove any remaining debris.

When we extract debris from the dryer vents, you can be sure that we will take care of any mess that the vents happen to make. Our professional cleaners are trained to clear the mess before it’s even created, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of it yourself, once we’ve left.


In cleaning your dryer vents regularly, you may notice an increase in your dryers’ functionality, efficiency, and a decrease in your energy bills. Dryers that have clogged or dirtied vents often use double the energy and time to completely dry clothes than those that don’t. When the appliance has to work twice as hard to overcome the debris buildup, it often uses more energy that you see building up in costs on your monthly bills.

Cleaning your dryer vents frequently can actually prove to be more cost efficient than paying the premium monthly on energy bills for half of the outcome. In the long run, we recommend our clients to resort to our coil cleaning services, rather than paying the high prices for energy bills or buying a new dryer altogether.

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