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Coil Cleaning

This is a picture of a coil cleaning.

Coils can be found in almost any home appliance from dryers to air conditioners, so it’s important to keep up with their maintenance and cleanliness to ensure their highest performance.

If coils remain unkept but continually used for an extended period of time, this could lead to lower performance of your appliance, poorer air quality, and residual dirt being circulated back into the environment. However, this can all be avoided with adequate and regular coil cleaning.


If you’ve noticed that your appliances such as the heater or air conditioner have continued to work but at a lower speed, this could be due to dirty coils. It’s estimated that dirty coils can use well up to between 30% - 40% more energy than if your appliances were cleaning and functioning normally.

This is a cost you’ll likely see racking up on your electrical bills, even if your usage and habits haven’t changed much. When coils have been cleaned, clients notice a change almost instantly in their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.


Coil cleaning is not only beneficial to keep money in your pocket, but the process helps your appliances maintain a longer shelf life. Most heating, ventilation, and air conditioning appliances are designed to last for several years, assuming they’re well taken care of and they’re cleaned often.

To enhance their longevity, cleaning the coils eliminates bacteria that would otherwise build up between the coils and reduce their performance peak. If your appliances are running at maximum capacity and with clean coils, you’ll be delighted to see difference in how smoothly the appliances are able to function without resting, overheating, or leaking.


Since Florida is drier than other states, cleaning may need to be more frequent due to the excessive dust lingering in the air. In Florida, we’d recommend having your appliances’ coils cleaned every 3-4 months, depending on the appliances used and how often their coils accumulate debris.

Even if you can’t tell that there’s buildup, having your coils cleaned ensures that there’s no issue with your appliances on a day when they’re especially needed. In case you forget, we’re able to set up scheduling systems with each of our clients to ensure that they’re aware of their next coil cleaning service. Simply ask for scheduling and we’ll set it up for you with ease.


Purchasing and repairing your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning appliances can be expensive, so to reduce those costs, we always recommend scheduling regular coil cleanings to take care of the job. Coil cleanings will allow technicians to look at the inside workings of your appliances and determine if dirty coils are the culprit of your problem. If not, it could be an opportunity to refer you other services that may be needed.

However, getting your coils cleaned regularly is also a cheaper alternative than replacing an appliance altogether. Due to this, we encourage clients to check their appliances frequently, especially after they’re used repetitively.

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